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Reams Pumpkin Patch

Reams Pumpkin Patch is back!  Our pumpkins will be arriving on Monday, September 10th.  Be sure to pick your pumpkin from our patch!  Here are some fun facts about pumpkins! 1. The word "pumpkin" showed up for the first time in the fairy tale, Cinderella: A French explorer in 1584 first called them "gros melons", which was...

Locally Grown Tomatoes

Got Tomatoes?  We do!  Come in and get some of these wonderful tomatoes that are great for canning or salsa making!  They are locally grown & are a fantastic deal at only $15 per box while supplies last!

Israeli Melons

We have a new melon for Summer.  Have you tried an Israeli Melon yet?  They are kind of like a cantaloupe, but are much sweeter.  Our Produce Manager, Brandon, says they are his favorite!  Stop by and pick one up today to try!

Sapphire Grapes

Check out these delicious Sapphire Grapes also known as "Lady Fingers".  We have them at just $2.89 per lb. while supplies last.  Stop by and pick some up today...they taste "grape"!

"Orange" you glad you shop at Reams Springville Market!

Reams Springville Market gets their oranges from Pleasant Oaks Ranch in Springville...California!  Here are some interesting facts about oranges from Ronald J. Matik, the owner of Pleasant Oaks Ranch: "I love good tasting oranges!  Delivering healthy, great tasting oranges to the customer has always been my goal.  My home ...