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"Orange" you glad you shop at Reams Springville Market!

Reams Springville Market gets their oranges from Pleasant Oaks Ranch in Springville...California!  Here are some interesting facts about oranges from Ronald J. Matik, the owner of Pleasant Oaks Ranch:

"I love good tasting oranges!  Delivering healthy, great tasting oranges to the customer has always been my goal.  My home is in the middle of the orange grove so most days, I am working to help grow these terrific oranges."

"We offer the December Navel at the beginning of the season, which are truly at their best January through May.  Valencia oranges are offered May through December and are a beautiful orange color until the summer heat hits, at this time the oranges re-green.  They are still sweet and ripe even though they appear a bit green.  Most packers "gas" the green Valencia's to turn them orange.  I DO NOT do this because it changes the taste and shortens the shelf life."

"Both Navel and Valencia oranges are great to eat fresh, and to juice.  Valencia oranges produce more juice per orange and the juice can be stored for a few days, while maintaining its delicious flavor.  Navel orange juice, while delicious, should be consumed as soon as it is juiced because it starts to turn bitter shortly after it is juiced."

"There are many things that create a great tasting orange.  Unlike a peach or a banana, the orange does not ripen after being picked.  The orange tastes best as soon as it has been picked.  Therefore, our goal at Pleasant Oaks Ranch is to get the orange to the customer as soon as possible.  Pleasant Oaks Ranch wants to provide a superior product to the customer so we are the farmer, the packer and the trucker of our oranges to the Market.  The model has proven to provide a superior product that we are proud of and our customers have noticed the difference in taste, which makes the extra effort worth it."

Now that you know a little bit more about how your oranges are grown & handled, "orange" you glad you get yours from Reams Springville Market!

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