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General Merchandise

We have two fantastic employees in this department. Cleora and Kim, our employees, are exemplary in creating a great environment for our customers. If we don't have what your looking for, Cleora or Kim will check to see if they can get it for you. Cleora was the snack bar manager at the Turtle Ream's in Provo and Kim was a faithful shopper before they were hired here. They help us keep our general merchandise full of shampoo & conditioner, cough and cold, make-up and more!!


Debi Robinson grew up in Orem. She got married in 1974 to a die-hard Springville/Mapleton man named Jimmy. They had their first son in 1984 after ten years of marriage. They had their last son in 1988. They moved to Mapleton in 1991 and have resided there since. Debi began her career at Ream's in 2001 in the video department. She has made many friends and loves the people of Springville. In 2004, she was named general merchandise manager and everyone loves to stop and talk to Debi.

We have many great brands in our general merchandise department. Pyrex, Good Cook, Melissa and Doug just to name a few. We love to get new and fun brands in for our customers.