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Meeting the needs of our customers is our top priority, keeping meat prices competitive is one of our main goals. We strive to have the highest quality at the lowest prices. In our Meat department, freshness is measured by hours, and not days, that is why we grind our hamburger fresh EVERY DAY!! We cut, chop, slice & dice all of our selections right here in our meat department. We offer a large variety of ready to cook meats, from seasoned chicken drums, thighs and breasts, gourmet hamburger patties, freshly made chicken cordon bleu, burgundy marinated ribeye's and new york steaks. We also offer shredded pulled pork, barbecue beef, prime rib cooked to order for parties and get-togethers or just for dinner.

Our awesome meat department has won best butcher shop with the Daily Herald for the past four years running. We enjoy helping our amazing customers out with special cuts or any special order.

Summer time at Ream's means our 'Smokin' Hot Rib Events'. Our meat department starts before the rooster crows marinating our ribs. We then use cherry wood to start the smoker. The Ribs are then smoked for several hours to perfection. We team them up with awesome sides from our deli to make a meal that's ready to go. Family size or individual, this meal is one of a kind. Come see us at our next 'Smokin' Hot Rib Event'.


Cory has been in the meat industry since 2006. He started his career working for Maceys as their meat department manager. He is exceptional at what he does. We were lucky enough to convince Cory to come to Reams in 2013. We could not be more happy. If you have any meat questions Cory is your guy! Cory is married to the love of his life and has 7 adorable kids. Come to Reams Springville Market and try out our spectacular fresh meat selection cut and sliced by Corys team.